Are you moving to Oxford?

This world-famous city attracts thousands upon thousands of tourists every year and no wonder – it’s a stunning city with history around every corner. But many people also move there to enjoy the calm countryside around or the beautiful architecture within. It’s renowned for its cultural and educational heritage and is also an inspiring place in which to study - mediaeval colleges, beautiful gardens, famous libraries and bookshops.

Saxon Oxford

Oxford was founded in the 9th century when Alfred the Great formed a network of fortified towns called burghs around his kingdom, one of which was at Oxford. There could have been a village already there or Alfred may have formed a new town. The streets of Anglo-Saxon Oxford were in a regular pattern implying a new town but we are not certain.

Living in Oxford today

If you are moving to Oxford or even from Oxford to somewhere abroad, it’s important to have a reliable company ship your belongings and car abroad at affordable rates. It's all there, whether what you’re looking for is on display in the comprehensive museums; shelved in the many libraries, or met with in the teeming streets. Walk, cycle or sail away from the centre and you'll find its arteries of interest: the river Thames and Port Meadow; Magdalen Bridge and the river Cherwell; the kaleidoscopic Cowley Road. Everyone dreams about Oxford differently. For some it is dotted with doors to alternate realities, for others the streets are layered with memories.

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